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Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken

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Beer Can Chicken

1 Whole Chicken
1 12 oz aluminum can
Fresh Thyme
Fresh Sage
Fresh Rosemary
A Poultry pack of herbs in the produce dept will have all three!
Fresh Parsley(Italian Flat Leaf preferred)
1 Lemon
Black Peppercorns
2 Whole Onions
2 Heads of Garlic
Hefeweizen(Or whatever beer you have, don't use cheap beer)
1 stick of Salted Butter
1 Orange


The Chicken:
Roughly chop the onion, garlic head, lemon, and the orange into quarters or a little smaller(it has to fit down the neck of the chicken). Put in a bowl with 2/3 of sage, thyme, parsley, and 1 sprig of Rosemary(a little goes a long way, don't use more than 1 sprig, I only use a quarter to half a sprig). Add 1 tsp of Whole Black peppercorns. Add 4-5 oz of the beer and a good shot of oil (preferably vegetable or something with a high smoke point, don't ever use Olive Oil on the grill). Put in the microwave for a couple of minutes to heat the vegetables and get the aromatics going. Cut the top of of the aluminium can (be careful not to cut yourself, use welding gloves). Clean the chicken with cold water and clean out the guts. Stuff all of the compound butter under the skin of the chicken. Stuff the can up the butt of the chicken. Stand the chicken up like in the picture. Stuff all of the ingredients in the bowl, down the neck of the chicken until it is full. Pour the rest of the beer down the neck of the chicken. Pour a good shot of oil down the neck of the chicken and then cover the whole outside of the chicken liberally with oil. Salt the skin really well. Set on a rack in a pan like in the picture and put on the BBQ. Cook for about 1 1/2-2 hours or heat to 180 degrees. Let rest for about 20 min after it is done, THIS STEP IS CRUCIAL, DO NOT SKIP.

Compound Butter:
Finely chop up remaining 1/3 of herbs and mix with the stick of soft butter.

If you don't have a pan to put on the grill then just take the coals and put them in a ring around the outside of the grill, leaving the center free of charcoal. This way the chicken can cook without burning on the bottom. ENJOY!